Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mai Hiro The Show

The clever design-smiths behind Mai Hiro have been hard at work on projects and creating a multitude of products for your enjoyment, and have reached the point in which they are willing and able to present and preview their latest works to you, their loving and insatiable fans. There will be a large variety of creative products to satisfy the imagination, with the two common denominators being that Mai Hiro style and quality that their fans deserve. So join us, dear friends, at Produce (415 Peoples Street, Corpus Christi, TX 78401 Ph:361-882-5888) on June 5th, 2010 from 7PM to 11 PM for the opening of the Mai Hiro Show. One of the major projects to be debuted is the exhibition of new art featuring model, Linda Le, along with Mai Hiro characters; which will be the subjects for a series of t-shirts to be produced by Kusopop. There will be new paintings and art by the Mai Hiro crew along with the release of the new Ninja Spiki colorway, "CMYK" Edition, which is an exclusive by Produce and limited to just 100 pieces! Nakanari will be in attendance to meet with fans and sign autographs/do sketches for them. This amazing show will be supported by some of Nakanari’s and soujohn’s friends, such as Dave “Outtamymind” Quiles with his new jewelry brand and Fury Animals with cross-over artwork. Be sure to stop by to see what’s in store for Mai Hiro and you.

Event sponsored by:

Kuso Vinyl Designer toys, VinylPulse, Bic Plastic and Fury Animal.

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