Friday, October 31, 2008

Celsius SSSUCK wallpaper download!!

Hello, all Kuso fans, here we have 2 Celsius series wallpapers for you to download. Just simply right-click and save it, you can have these wonderful wallpaper show up on desktop!!
Celsius is coming soon!! Come back for more updates!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Celsius Box sample shown!

Celsius box sample available for viewing. With the flip-open design, you can only see the eyes of Celsius when the box closed. The final box design will trun out to be simialr to this. More updates coming soon!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Introducing Celsius The GunMetal

RotoBox is working with Kuso Designer Toys to co-produce this awesome figure Celsius.
Celsius Intro - Created for the sole purpose of serving the evil Gunryu Empire lead by Emperor Nyan Nyan, celsius was stolen by a small renegade squad known as S3uck (SSSUCK - Super Secret Squad Unit Combat Korps, pronounced as Suck) and has helped him understand the true intentions of the empire. Now fully aware of the evil doings of the empire, celsius vowed to fight for justice and freedom and spread the message that "co-existence" is a vital role in our world.
Coming Soon! Pre-order will also be available soon.

Himalan Moca by Itokin Park

Itokin fans are getting excited!! The new Himalan Moca version is about to release in November. Very limited quantity available. we will put more updates when information is available.

FULCRAIM Chrysalis coming soon!!

The newest Fulcraim Chrysalis version coming to the state. KusoVinyl will have a few of them available next week. Silver-based portion of the fine lame body into the mix is clear, so transparent to the light to see and apply a cool and Kole. Limited edition of 95 pcs.

Friday, October 3, 2008

New KFGU Skullking & Chouchou beige!!

New KFGU invading!! Skullking & Chouchou Beige are in the process of production. They will be available in early Nov. Come and pre-order yours at

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