Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Spiki Holiday Promotion by Adorn x Mai Hiro‏

With the Holiday Season fast approaching, Adorn is pleased to offer a very special promotion starting cyber Monday, November 30th. For a limited time, Adorn shoppers will receive a free Kidrobot Tee with a purchase of The Original Ninja Spiki figure*. With only 400 Original Ninja Spiki’s produced, these figures will be in demand and hard to find. The 8" inch Spiki comes gift boxed with 2 Shirukens and 1 Katana.Choose your Kidrobot Tee from our entire inventory while supplies last. Adorn customers also have a 1 in 10 chance of getting the Spiki Assassin version – only 40 Assassins have been produced!The special promotion begins at 12:01 am on November 30th and ends December 7th at midnight while supplies last.Selecting your Kidrobot TeeAfter you have added the Original Ninja Spiki figure to your cart, you may select the size and gender of your Kidrobot Tee in the drop down menu “Free KR W/Spiki “and select “add to cart”. After you “Proceed to checkout”, under the Payment information enter your favorite three Kidrobot Tee styles in the comments (for example, 1. Kronk Bomb T-shirt, 2. Lost Gloomy Bear and 3. Resist the Robot). Adorn will do our best to get you one of your choices but supplies are limited so purchase early to get the Tee of your choice! If your Tees are not available, Adorn will include a random Kidrobot Tee with your Spiki purchase. Inventory will be updated several times a day to reflect what styles and sizes are in stock. You can find more info on Nakanuri and his Original Ninja Spiki at

You can purchase your Ninja Spiki here at

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